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Sunday, March 27, 2022

"Bard's Woman in the Cool of the Summer Breeze" Update 2

So, after releasing "King of Kreuzberg" a week or so ago, with great pleasure I announce another single from the new album, a song titled "With the Sun in Your Belly". You can hear beautiful flute and drums there thanks to the help of a really talented American artist, Sound Animal, pictured here. Sound Animal was kind enough to write and record flute and drum parts for the song, parts that fit perfectly into this little number. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

You can learn more about Sound Animal thanks to this interview with It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine - what a coincidence that we were both interviewed for the same mag!

And here are the lyrics to "With the Sun in Your Belly", also translated freely into Polish, my native language, below, as a poem:

Bless the sun in your belly
Smell the dawn in your hair
I kiss your lily-full skin shade
Feel that you’re really there
Now you don’t have to show me
Physical features of light
Your spirit is dancing above me
Oh, it's taking me deep to your night

Pass the moon in your navel
Draw your tides to my tears
Rest in my favorite ocean
Show me the source of your fear
Please let go of your sorrows
You’re not of the earthly kind
Let go of the body you borrowed
Turn off that miserable mind
Turn it off, turn it off, turn it off
Yeah, hm
Turn it off, turn it off, turn it off

I called you names and morals
Slogans and standards and words
But I never had enough of courage
To play you these three simple chords
Here they come
Yeah, hm


Błogosław słońce w jej brzuchu
Poczuj zapach świtu we włosach
Pocałuj jej liliowy odcień skóry
Poczuj, że naprawdę tam jesteś

Nie musisz mi pokazywać
Fizycznych cech światła
Twój duch tańczy nade mną
Zabiera mnie głęboko w noc

Przejdź przez księżyc w jej pępku
Zbliż przypływy do jej łez
Odpocznij w jej ulubionym oceanie
Pokaż mi źródło swojego strachu

Proszę, puść swoje smutki
Nie jesteś ziemskiego rodzaju
Puść ciało, które pożyczyłeś
Wyłącz ten nędzny umysł

Nazywałam Cię imionami i morałami
Sloganami, standardami, słowami
Ale nigdy nie miałam dość odwagi
Aby zagrać Ci 3 proste akordy

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