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Saturday, March 12, 2022

"Bard's Woman in the Cool of the Summer Breeze" Update

As days go by, the work on my new album seems to be more focused on other people - I always (well, almost always) produced my music alone, so this year I got a bit tired of this "grind", and have decided to reach out to talented individuals around the world to help me record the album. Can't say who will be involved as of now, because I have just started sending out messages and checking out who might be really into it - but if you're interested in contributing to "Bard's Woman in the Cool of the Summer Breeze" don't hesitate to contact me! It's easy, and we could have a great collaboration going. I've got a feeling that this will be my most "mature" album (well, I will turn 37 this year, so it's time to grow up to my age) - even if the songs are "old favorites" written when I was much younger. I can't wait to share the "King of Kreuzberg" song (written in 2009) in its completed form - it's coming soon!

Meanwhile, here are 2 more raw demos for the album, before other instruments are added to the mix. Fans of Saure Adler might recognize the "Sun in Your Belly" song from the Saure Adler vinyl released on Ramble Records last year, but I figured out, even if the Sternenmadchen-version is cool, that I should sing my own song. So, here it is...

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